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Scottish War Blinded

In Scotland today, there are thousands of men and women who have served in the Armed Forces, either in the regular forces or reserves, or during the era of National Service.

Many of these men and women may not consider themselves to be ‘veterans’, yet their service was invaluable and places them in a position of eligibility for support and camaraderie.

To us, it doesn’t matter how long ago their service was.

Anybody who develops sight loss, at whatever stage in life, or for whatever reason, face challenges.

To us, it doesn’t matter how military veterans have lost their sight.

For many, sight loss is a result of the ageing process and we are here to support them with free of charge local support.

What we offer

Any veteran with sight loss, no matter the cause – can spend time with a local outreach worker, who will introduce them to our available services. They will take time to work together to develop a relationship, and find solutions to individual concerns.

They will find their outreach worker to be knowledgeable and informed, not just on our own services, but on the local services which might be of benefit.

Some men and women who enjoy our social opportunities have found their own means of coping with sight loss, whilst others need more immediate support in taking back some control of their independence following sight loss.

Our community- centred approach to wellbeing and independence could include;

-       home visits to ensure the specialist equipment, which we fund, is suitable for individual’s lifestyles.

-       Funded respite care to enable carers to take a break

-       strengthening supportive links between people through social opportunities

-       Building community links by assisting people to find & join local social opportunities and activities which might have felt impossible previously 

The local workers are a lifeline of knowledge on the experience of sight loss, and the solutions which can make life easier.

From the point of our first contact, we can spend time with individuals and their families, to get to know them as a person, to involve them in developing support appropriate for their situation - or just be someone who’ll take the time to listen.

How to access our support

Call us to refer someone you know or care for – 0800 035 6409 and we will arrange a first home visit. 

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