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Cool 2 Talk

The cool2talk website is for young people aged 12-26. It provides a safe space where they can get their questions answered accurately and without judgement.

It is very important that children, young people and adults can talk openly with each other. Research shows that providing accurate, non judgemental responses to young people that are age and stage appropriate supports them to make safer choices.

Cool2talk is an interactive website for young people in Tayside, the Western Isles, Dumfries & Galloway and Argyll & Bute.

Its aim is to provide a safe space where young people can get their questions answered and find out about local services. It allows young people to submit questions on health issues and receive replies from a trained, experienced worker.

Relationships with our children can change whilst they are growing up into young adults. Establishing good communications enables young people to feel more comfortable in broaching sensitive issues. This can be difficult to achieve and parents / carers often lack the confidence and access to accurate information to address topics including sex, drugs and relationships.

Cool2talk encourages, where appropriate, communication between young people and parents/carers

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Last Modified: 10 July 2018


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Cool2talk 121 on-line chat

Cool2talk 121 on-line chat

Cool2talk 121 on-line chat