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Meal Makers

Are you over the age of 55? Would you like a friendly neighbour to deliver you some home cooked food?

Then join Meal Makers and have one of our volunteer Cooks deliver you a portion of their home cooked food.

Meal Makers is a local neighbourhood food-sharing project, connecting those who love cooking and their community (Cooks), with others who would appreciate having some home-cooked food delivered to them by a friendly neighbour.

After joining, we'll match you with a Cook who likes the same sort of food as you and lives within your community. Depending on whether you enjoy their food and company and how busy you both are, it could just be a one off, or you might end up sharing meals reguarly.

If you would like to be involved and receive some home cooked food call 01738 452236 or email

You can also visit to sign up now.

P.S. If you are interested in volunteering to cook, please visit

We currently have 20 Meal Maker volunteers in the Perth and Kinross area who are very keen to start sharing an extra portion of their evening meal with an older person in their area. If you know an older person who would appreciate a lovely home cooked meal within a 10min walking distance of any of the areas below we could make a match happen very quickly.

Meal Maker Volunteers - Areas in Perth and Kinross 

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