Tel: 116123 (free on mobile, landlines and payphone)
3 Kings Place
Perth, Perth and Kinross, PH2 8AA



Tel: 116123 (free on mobile, landlines and payphone)

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Offer a confidential emotional support service and will listen to anyone about anything that is bothering them.

You don't have to be suicidal to contact Samaritans.  We offer confidential, non-judgmental support by telephone, e-mail, SMS texting and face-to-face meeting to anyone who is in distress or despair.

We’re there for people when they need us, which could be any time of day or night.

People talk to us for as long as they like, as many times as they like.

We don't rush, interrupt or push anyone out of the door. We let people lead the conversation at their own pace.

There's no waiting lists, and no assessments.

We don’t pass on what people tell us. Not even the name of someone that calls us.

For some, we’re the only place they can turn to without fear of repercussions.

For others that might worry about burdening friends or family, we offer a safe place to turn.

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