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Tayside Council on Alcohol

TCA has been providing alcohol services across Tayside for 40 years. We were established in 1972 and was originally a Dundee based Service. We now have a wide range of services for people who are affected by their own or another’s alcohol use.

Tayside Council on Alcohol (TCA) is a charity that works to offer information and advice, and support to anyone experiencing problems due to the misuse of alcohol.

TCA are a person centred organisation. We are committed to ensuring that you are at the centre of the work we do with you. We support and guide but are always lead by you.

TCA provides a service to anyone who is seeking information and advice about alcohol, or who is worried about their own or someone
else’s drinking. Our clients come from all walks of life and contact us for many reasons.

They may be:
  • Men or women who are worried about their partner’s or children’s drinking.
  • Children who are worried about their parent’s drinking.
  • Children who themselves abuse alcohol.
  • Drinkers starting to drink too much and beginning to experience problems.
  • Heavy drinkers worried that they are becoming alcohol-dependent.
  • People with severe alcohol problems who want to do something about it.
TCA provides information and guidance on the problems caused by alcohol misuse by:
  • Addressing public meetings.
  • Providing alcohol education and awareness sessions.
  • Participating in public debates on alcohol.
  • Helping commerce and industry to design policies on alcohol.
  • Designing and presenting workshops and training sessions.

TCA treats each person who attends our agency for advice and counselling as an individual and does not seek to persuade anyone to accept a particular view of alcohol problems. Instead, we listen to our clients, help them to understand the causes of the problems and to identify appropriate individual solutions.

Last Modified: 14 August 2018

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