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26th January 2018

Shona, cares for her husband, daughter and son. She also juggles a job and 2 dogs! Life can be very full on at times and sometimes all you need is a break.

13 years ago my husband was diagnosed with chronic Myeloid Leukaemia and was forced to give up work due to the side effects and complications of his condition.

I care for him.

4 years ago my daughter was diagnosed as being bipolar after many years of depression and uncertainty.

I care for her.

Recently my son has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. After accessing the crisis team and daily trips into Murray Royal he is now under the care of the Community Mental Health Team.

I care for them.

My days consist of:

  • checking regularly if medication has been taken
  • ordering repeat prescriptions
  • adjusting medication
  • driving to and from appointments
  • sitting in appointments for support and to make sure important information isn’t forgot
  • cooking
  • cleaning

The list goes on… I’m even an alarm clock!

Plans have to be made in advance, and at the last moment can change very quickly. Tiredness is a side effect of my husband’s conditions and he's tired on awakening after a good night’s sleep.

You have to take each day as it comes.

If he feels he can cut the grass that day it will get trimmed the day after or not. Things don't matter the same when you've been told you had 5 years to live taking a certain medication. His concentration is not what it was like before treatment. He’s very forgetful, which is frustrating for not just him but whom he's talking to, he doesn't understand instruction and you find yourself repeating until he understands.

My daughter is living away from home but I still keep an eye on her medication and paperwork. When she's not coping it is me that picks her up when she can't physically get on the bus to come home due to social anxiety and she's gone to a safe place until I can get to her. She knows that I will come day or night.

My health went downhill and I realised that there's no one to look after me. I don't have much time for myself. I work part-time but family comes first. I got in touch with PKAVS for help and support for myself. I had a carer support and planning meeting and can now access services including support group meetings and therapies such as reflexology which I find very relaxing and the best for aching feet!

After a phone call on the Wednesday offering a caravan break to a place we hadn't heard off through Respitality, we headed off to Port Ban Caravan Park on the Saturday. My husband and I had a couple of hectic days arranging things for home, but we both enjoyed the tranquillity and time for ourselves while we were staying, all thanks to the kind donation and for the arrangements from PKAVS. The staff were wonderful and the home made scones are simply the best, especially the cherry and coconut! 


We both felt relaxed and felt the benefits from our time away.

The process is really easy and quick. Erman and Marthe are always at the end of phone for giving advice. I would certainly recommend others to get in touch with PKAVS Carers Hub, everyone deserves support and help when needed.

#notjustacarer but a couple too!

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What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?