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10th June 2020

We know that many of you will be facing mental health hardship and, thanks to the Scottish Government’s Wellbeing Fund, we are excited to launch a programme of online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) sessions –ReConnect CBT. 


What is Re-Connect CBT? 
Re-Connect CBT is a series of short group therapy sessions, delivered online via Zoom, to help service users over the age of 18 to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.  There are five courses to choose from, and each course has four 1 hour modules which people can dip in and out of. They are:


Living with anger
You will increase your understanding of your anger, identify and reduce unhelpful thoughts and behaviour and learn skills to increase coping and improve well-being.

Living with anxiety
Learn more about anxiety; what it is, how it affects you and what is happening in your body. You will learn to identify and challenge any unhelpful thinking styles and behaviour.

Living with depression
Learn more about depression; how it affects you and how positive changes to behaviour and thinking can have an impact on low mood.

Living with loss, grief and bereavement
Learn about different kinds of loss, the stages of grief and that there is no ‘right’ way to experience bereavement.


Learn about the origins and impact of domestic violence and to identify and challenge underlying (unhelpful) thoughts and beliefs, to regulate anger and aggressive behaviour and assertive communication skills.


The timetable can be found here:

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