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9th June 2020

COVID-19 – Shielding Impact and Experience Survey – Scotland


A new survey capturing the views and experiences of people who are shielding and their carers has been launched by Public Health Scotland.  


The survey is targeted at people who have received a letter from Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer advising them to shield or for carers to complete on their behalf. The survey covers questions around attitudes and beliefs around shielding, shielding behaviour, the support people are receiving and the impacts that shielding is having on people’s lives.


This survey forms part of an evaluation of the shielding programme which the Scottish Government have asked Public Health Scotland to undertake,  it will also  inform next steps as the programme develops.


The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and will be open until Sunday, June 14th 2020. The link to the survey can be found at the following link :


The link will also be available on the NHS Inform and MyGov shielding webpages.


People who are shielding who are registered with the SMS service will also receive an text notification and we are working with third sector partners to encourage more people to take part.

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