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Young Carers Consultation Event

8th July 2019

We believe that the Young Carers know best what support and respite is beneficial to them. The consultation event is a great opportunity for feedback and many of the current services delivered are a direct result of what is suggested by Young Carers.

During Carers Week we organised a young carers consultation event, to help raise the profile of Young Carers and what support services they need.

During this vibrant evening, parents had an opportunity to fill in feedback surveys while Young Carers were invited for an engaging chat with staff by the feedback tables.

The event was also a perfect opportunity to showcase our work with young carers and what better way to do that than with a video? ▼▼▼ 

Thank you to everyone that took the time to give us their feedback!

YC feedback

Everyone gave us LOTS of ideas for next year! 

YC Feedback Consultation 1

So watch this space... 

YC Feedback Consultation 2We did LOADS during carers week - click here to read the full report!!

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