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Young Carers April Update

15th May 2017

April's update from PKAVS Young Carers

PKAVS Young Carers Service

I am still very happy to be coming along and meet with any interested parties to talk about young carers and the support we offer. It need only take 15 minutes but if it helps staff know the tell-tale signs for identifying young carers then this would be time well spent. Also if any organisations that are holding events and you would like us to attend please let me know. I have recently had some really positive meetings with services and I would really encourage each service to take up this offer. We have had a lot of success accessing adult care teams, but I would appreciate it we could get some more opportunities with children and young people focused services.

If you’d like to know more about the young carers service then please visit PKAVS Carers Hub website (

Alternatively if you would like to discuss the support available further please either contact me on 01738 567076 or at 

Young Carers Consultation Event 2017

Young Carers and families 26th April 5.15-6.15

This part of the event was very successful seeing over 115 of our young carers and their families in attendance. We have received some very valuable feedback on a whole range of topics and we are now busy collating this information and will hopefully have a report ready in the coming months.

Professionals input – 26th April  4.15-5.15

Sadly this event had to be cancelled as uptake from professionals was poor. I would really like to receive feedback from professionals, so I will look at another way of trying to pull this information together. In the meantime if you would like to communicate anything to me, please email me directly at

YC Referrals and active YCs

So we are in a new(financial) year and the final amount of referrals received in year 04/16 – 04/17 was 95. In the month of April we have only received 1 new referral. taking our total to 1 new referral since April 2017.  This is a low start to the year but it was schools holidays for part of April so this may explain the low referral rate for this month. We had been seeing a steady increase of referrals since October 16, so I hope they will start to climb once again. Currently we are supporting 256 young carers at the service with a 159 files closed in the period of April 2016 to March 2017. 4 files have been closed in the last month (April 2017). Files are closed due to change of situations, moving away from the area and non-engagement or becoming a Young Adult Carer (turned 16). Currently we are supporting 86 young carers on our RED level support (crisis point), 149 on our AMBER level support (moderate) and 21 on our Green level support (low). Whilst we are supporting 256 young carers, it is estimated that there could be as many as 1800 children in Perth & Kinross who have caring responsibilities. It is every agency’s responsibility to help identify and refer these hidden Young Carers, so please keep this in the forefront of your mind when working with the people you support. We are aware that some Young Carers self-identify within other settings but do not wish to access our services, but if you are aware of individuals like this please communicate figures so this can be reflected in level of support.


April seen some changes to the staff team. Chris Ewing and Kim Stockwell both Young Carers Support Workers, have now moved on to ventures new. I wish them both all the best in their new endeavours. We have already recruited and appointed for one of our vacant posts and I would like to welcome Donna Bednarek to our team. The other post is currently being advertised on the PKAVS main website - please click here to view. Just as a wee reminder to everyone our current team is made up of myself Billy Morrison – Young Carers Coordinator (FT), Jasmin Watt – Young Carers Schools Outreach Worker (FT),  Katie Marshall – Young Carers Support Worker (PT), Cat Ridgewell – Young Carers Support Worker (FT), Donna Bednarek – Young Carers Support worker (FT), Marie Morris – Young Carers Support Worker (Group support - 7 hours  a week) , Vicky Grant – Young Carers Sessional Worker (group support) and Magdalena Turczynska – Young Carers Administrator (10 hours a week).  The closing date for applicants for our vacant Young Carers Support Worker Post is Wednesday 17th May. 

Respite support

April seen a busy couple of weeks over the school holidays with one week long residential to Outward-bound for 12 young carers and 3 day activities (Codona’s, Butterfly world and dynamic earth, Skate and swim) which provided support for 57 young carers.

We are now back into the swing of our weekly respite groups. The respite groups we offer are:-






Crieff Group

8-16 years



Nurture based group

Changes dependant on group

Weekly (blocks of 12 weeks)


Blairgowrie Primary Group

8-11 years



Blairgowrie Secondary Group

12-15 years



P3-6 Group




P7 –S1 Group

10/11-12/13 years



S2 – S4 Group

13-15 years



Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Group


Weekly (Closed group)

Group has now been selected


No major updates on funding from April, but we are currently working on some medium grant applications, so I will update about these as we hear about them.

Further information

Myself and Jasmin Watt (Schools Outreach worker) are continuing our work on some exciting new resources for organisations to use in the future. This includes a resource video (mainly for Education settings) and an E-Learning module for all professionals. These are still some months from completion, but If any agencies would like to put forward any suggestions of how we could format these to best fit your organisation, these would be greatly welcomed.

If you would like to know more about our service, monthly update topics or any of my teams roles/remits or if you would like me to come out and meet with you or any of your teams/ colleagues,  please feel free to contact me on 01738 567076 or

Thank you for taking the time to read our update, I hope this information has been useful to you.

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What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?