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Young Carers April Adventures

30th April 2018

The Young Carers Team had a very busy Easter Holiday. Arranging different day trips from Crazy Golf to Trampolining with lots and lots of Easter Eggs in between!


April Trip 03/04/2018We kicked off the week by taking the Young Carers to the cinema to watch Duck Duck Goose and play Crazy Golf. Aaliyah said she enjoyed the whole day. Xander and James said they particularly enjoyed the crazy golf due to their numerous hole in ones. Xander won a bandana due to his good games. The Young Carers enjoyed looking out for hidden easter eggs and won prizes of sweets and toys. We enjoyed listening to music and sang along on the journey and were in high spirits. They also received an Easter egg each at the end of the day and were all very grateful for the experience.April Adventures Pics 1

April Trip 05/0415 YC Careers enjoyed a game of bowling, everyone was trying to get a strike, the competition as on! After Bowling, we had food, on kids plates which a few young carers were not impressed about. After food, we played on the arcade machines. Then we all headed up to the Wallace Monument. At first, everyone was very reluctant to go up but with words of encouragement and help from staff, 14 YCs made it to the top of the Wallace Monument, which was very cold and windy at the top. As a reward, we all enjoyed a nice cold ice cream at the end of the day. Then headed back to the Gateway where everyone got a chocolate egg. April Wallace Monument

April trip 10/04Today the Young Carers were taken to Blair Drummond Safari Park. They enjoyed seeing all the animals and were particularly interested int he Giraffes. The Young Carers also enjoyed being so close to the Lemur, the Elephants and Rhino's spent their time keeping warm in their huts, although the Young Carer's favourite part was going on the peddle boats and zip wire and slide which they went on numerous times. They were also given drinks and a small packet of sweets on the minibus which they enjoyed. April Blair DrummondApril Trip 12/0414 Young Carers attended Sky High. Everyone was looking forward to going on the trampoline. Everyone had their safety video prior to going on the trampoline, everyone had safety socks. The Young Carers where showing of their moves on the trampolines. Everyone was hot and sweaty from trying new moves. We then walked to the bus to head to the Kelpies. It was a little cold outside so we had lunch on the bus and chatted. Afterwards, we walked around the Kelpies took a few pictures and admired the structure. Then we headed back to the bus and got a McFlurry Ice Cream and the bus ride home was full of singing!April Kelpies

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