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Young Carer's Sep/Oct Update

9th November 2017


Another busy couple of months at PKAVS Young Carers. I thought it would be helpful to do the update for the months of September and October. As always I would appreciate it if you could share this update with colleagues and teams you may work with/support. The aim of these updates is to raise awareness of our service and to help strengthen partnership working and communication.

PKAVS Young Carers Service 

I am still very happy to be coming along and meet with any interested parties to talk about young carers and the support we offer. It need only take 15 minutes but if it helps staff know the tell-tale signs for identifying young carers then this would be time well spent. Also if any organisations that are holding events and you would like us to attend please let me know. I am continuing to have really positive meetings with services, that are approaching me and I would really encourage each service to take up this offer.

Sep/Oct YC referral

Since April 2017 we have received 56 new referrals. It was a low start in April with 1 referral received but as you can see from the figures have improved. With dips in months where services are reduced, due to holidays.

Files are closed due to change of situations, moving away from the area and non-engagement or becoming a Young Adult Carer (YAC) (turned 16).

Sep/Oct levels of support

It is estimated that there could be as many as 1400 children in Perth & Kinross who have caring responsibilities. It is every agency’s responsibility to help identify and refer these hidden Young Carers, so please keep this in the forefront of your mind when working with the people you support. We are aware that some Young Carers self-identify within other settings but do not wish to access our services, but if you are aware of individuals like this please communicate figures so this can be reflected in level of support.

October Holiday Day Trip - Primary Age YC Curling

28 young carers enjoyed a great day out, over the October holidays. We all meet at the cinema and watched the jungle bunch. Everyone had their own bag with juice, fruit, popcorn and wee bag of sweets.

The movie had its funny moments which the young carers chatted about on the way to the ice rink. Once at the ice rink everyone enjoyed a nice warm lunch provided by Dewar’s ice rink.

Then we went to have a go of some curling. All the young carers listened to the curling coaches and give it a go. We played some curling games, with one of the girls adamant: “my shot, won the game against the boys”. Everyone had cold toes and feet after, but everyone had a smile on their face by the end of the day.

YC curling 2October Holiday Day Trip - Secondary Age 

25 young carers had a brilliant day out swimming and curling being in the pool, showing off their underwater stunts. Everyone loved the Jacuzzi where it was warm but the pool was freezing when you went back in.

Everyone bonded and made new friends. Once dried we all went to Dewar’s and enjoyed a nice warm lunch. 4 more young carers joined us at the ice rink, total young carers in attendance by the end of the day was 29, all on the ice rink having fun. At first, a few young carers were very apprehensive about doing curling. But with words of encouragement from the support workers, everyone gave the curling a go. Everyone had their own special tactics in how they were going to win their games. Everyone tried something new and gave it a go.  Everyone left with cold feet but had made new memories.



12 young carers between the ages of 8 to 11 went to Adrvullin House, with Cat, Carrie and Gail. We sang songs on the way up there and stopped at the green welly shop for lunch. Everyone was so excited to cross the loch on the ferry boat. We had an action-packed week. We enjoyed long muddy walks in swamps, troll and nature hunts.

YC rock climbingRock climbing which everyone really enjoyed as we all loved it, even though some of us felt a bit apprehensive at first.

We spent an afternoon on the beach where we found a crab and dug a massive hole with Carrie. We had lots of fun exploring the massive garden with a flying fox, obstacle course and lots of games of football played in the mud.

We all loved our afternoon horse riding and some of us even got to ride on our own, which was a massive achievement.We spent a day at an animal rescue centre where we saw Otters and seals. We all enjoyed touching creatures of the sea.

Afterwards, everyone enjoyed spending their pocket money in the shop after.  Cat and Carrie cooked us wonderful dinners, which all got eaten up by us, hungry young carers.

On the second last trip, we got to stand on the ferry boat which was really windy but everyone enjoyed standing on the ferry boat. We all decorated biscuits and made their own pizza one evening. On the last night, we had an amazing talent show with magic tricks, wrestling moves and rapping. We all bonded over the week and made new friends.

"Am happy to be going home but sad to be leaving"

"I love Hopscotch"

"This is the best holiday ever"


I would also like to welcome our newest members of staff Irene Duthie – Young Carers Administrator and John Caffrey – Young Carers Support Worker.

Current  team:
Billy Morrison – Young Carers Coordinator
Katie Marshall – Young Carers Support Worker
Cat Ridgewell – Schools Outreach Worker
Carrie Geddes – Young Carers Support Worker
Gail Hunter – Young Carers Support Worker
John Caffrey – Young Carers Support Worker
Irene Duthie – Young Carers Administrator​

Vicky Grant – Young Carers Sessional Worker (Groups)
Chris Ewing – Young Carers Sessional Worker (Holiday Activities)

I would also like to thank all the volunteers that continue to support our service.

Respite Support

The respite groups we offer are:-


DofE Group now pending depending on funding.


Massive thanks to the following organisations & individuals for their generous donations to the Young Carers Service over the last 2 months:

  • The Basil Death Trust
  • Emma Allerdyce (Breadalbane Academy)
  • Aberfeldy Inner Wheel
  • The Hugh Fraser Foundation
  • CAB
  • Irene Duthie

I am also delighted to announce that Children in Need have agreed to continue to fund a staff post for a further 3 years, with effect from the 1st April 2018. 

If you would like to know more about our service, monthly update topics or any of my teams roles/remits or if you would like me to come out and meet with you or any of your teams/ colleagues,  please feel free to contact me on 01738 567076 or
Thank you for taking the time to read our update, I hope this information has been useful to you.

Kindest Regards
Billy Morrison 

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