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We have recently moved into a dedicated Carers Centre for unpaid carers of all ages living in Perth & Kinross.

The reason for the move is that it will allow us an opportunity to develop and deliver more services for carers in the months and years ahead. Examples are re-opening a young carers den, utilising the current beauty room to offer beauty treatments at reduced rates, offer complementary therapy sessions more regularly and offer more places at our day services. All of these were not options had we stayed at the current venue as space is very restricted.

Perth & Kinross Council have worked closely in partnership with PKAVS to allow this new Carers Centre to open. Initially, a 5-year lease at a greatly reduced rate has been agreed but we hope that the centre will grow and grow and be open long beyond that.

Our new address is: 

PKAVS Carers Centre, Lewis Place, North Muirton, Perth, PH1 3BD

Travelling by bus

To get to the Carers Centre via bus from Perth City Centre you would get the Number 9 Stagecoach bus from Stop C, Mill Street, Perth. This bus service is fairly regular with buses running every time minutes.

You have two options.

  1. You can get off at Lewis Place bus stop (8 stops from Mill Street, roughly 10mins) and then walk 3 minutes to the Carers Centre. 
  2. You can stay on the bus for a few more stops and get off at Argyll Road (14 stops from Mill Street, roughly 15 mins) and then walk 2 minutes to the Carers Centre.

Travelling by car

The car journey from PKAVS Gateway to the new Carers Centre will typically take 10 minutes to drive. The route is pretty direct via the Dunkeld Road.

The new Carers Centre is based in the residential area of North Muirton so all staff, volunteers and visitors are asked to refrain from parking in ‘resident only’ parking areas. 

To avoid this we would recommend parking in the Co-op Parking or the free parking spaces across from Argyll Road bus stop.

If you have a Sat Nav put in the address for the Co-op - Argyll Rd, Perth PH1 3BZ. 

Last Modified: 04 April 2019

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Time4Me EXTRA100 Fund

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