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Volunteer with us

PKAVS Cares Hub relies on our amazing team of dedicated volunteers who help with all aspects of our work. From driving minibuses, helping with an arts and crafts session, lending a friendly ear to someone in need, taking a group of Young Carers on a wilderness adventure, or helping behind the scenes!

There are many reasons why people volunteer and the benefits are vast - not just for you, but for the people you help. PKAVS volunteers gain new experiences and learn skills whilst making a valuable difference to their local community.

Here are some of the volunteering opportunities we have available currently:

We are always looking for volunteers so if you are interested in helping out the Carers Hub in a way we haven't listed above please get in touch with us for a chat!

Please call 01738 567076 or email 

PKAVS have lots of different volunteering opportunities across all our hubs and charity shop. For more information, you can download our Volunteering leaflet or contact Lori Hughes on 01738 567076 or email

Last Modified: 10 July 2019

1st Tuesday of the Month
Strathmore Social Therapies
Last Wednesday of every second month
Aberfeldy Social Therapies
Booking is essential
Last Tuesday of each month
Crieff Social Therapies
Booking is essential

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?