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More About PKAVS Carers Hub

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Strathmore Social Therapies

PKAVS Carers Hub has been granted a pot of money after its successful bid to the Participatory Budgeting fund. The project will provide monthly therapy sessions for Carers in Strathmore.

Therapy sessions lasts around 45 minutes.

Therapies are free of charge but a small donation would be greatly appreciated to help fund future therapy sessions.

Carers registered with PKAVS are free to book their therapies and appointments will be on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.

Bookings for therapies are open one week before the therapy date.

Therapy Dates for 2019:

  • January – 15th

  • February – 5th

  • March – 5th

  • April – 2nd

  • May – 7th

  • June – 4th

  • July – 2nd  

  • August – 6th

  • September –3rd  

  • October – 1st

  • November – 5th

  • December – 3rd

For more information and to book your therapy and health check appointment please contact PKAVS Carers Hub Team on 01738 567076.