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  • Raymond Jamieson - Carers Hub Manager
  • Laura McKenzie - Carers Hub Assistant Manager
  • Christine Tse - Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 Policy Officer
  • Marlena Nowaczyk - Adult Carers Development Worker
  • Marthe Handling - Respite Development Officer

Adult Carers Team

  • Erman Maglalang - Adult Carers Senior Support Worker
  • Annette Bond – Carers Outreach Support Worker
  • Helen Quinn - Adult Carers Support Worker
  • Kathleen Murray - Adult Carers Support Worker
  • Gail Boath - Adult Carers Support Worker
  • Liz Dunbar - Adult Carers Support Worker
  • Gareth Lalewicz - Adult Carers Administration Officer
  • Marie Morris - Hospital Link Worker

Young Adult Carers Team

  • Helen Munro - Young Adult Carers Support Worker

Young Carers Team

  • Katie Marshall - Young Carers Support Worker
  • Billy Morrison - Young Carers Support Worker
  • Jason Blackley - Young Carers Support Worker
  • Mohsin Sarwar - Young Carers Support Worker
  • Maise Stewart-McIlwrait - Young Carers Support Worker
  • Megan Lamb - Young Carers Support Worker
  • Irene Duthie - Young Carers Administrator

Telephone Support Team

  • Mary Giles - Telecare Support Worker
  • Joanne Eagleton - Telecare Support Worker

Day Respite Centre

  • Linda McGougan – Day Club Team Leader
  • Sheena Wright – Carers Support Worker (Respite Centre)
  • Alison Martin – Carers Support Worker (Respite Centre)
  • Margaret Campbell – Carers Support Worker (Respite Centre)
  • Marziyeh Strang – Carers Support Worker (Respite Centre)
  • Malgorzata Bielecka - Carers Support Worker (Respite Centre)
  • Rhona Somers - Carers Support Worker (Respite Centre)
  • George Millar - Carers Support Worker (Sessional Worker)
  • Mateusz Grabowski - Carers Support Worker (Sessional Worker)
  • Agnieszka Jakubina - Day Services Cook (Respite Centre)

Last Modified: 09 July 2018

Drop in Event for Carers Strategy Consultation

Drop in Event for Carers Strategy Consultation

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Young Carers Christmas Extravaganza

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What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?