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Preparing for the financial impact of caring

20th October 2017

Preparing for the financial impact of caring:
Could you help Carers UK to test a new online resource?

Carers UK is developing an online resource, Thinking Ahead, to help working-age adults prepare for the financial impact of looking after someone.
The aim of this work, funded by the Money Advice Service, is to make more people aware of the potential costs involved when friends or family need care, and to help people plan ahead for how they might approach this major life event.
When they've received feedback on the resource, they plan to develop it further in the New Year.
How can you help?
The overall goal of the Thinking Ahead resource is to increase the financial resilience of working age people.

  • We need to test the resource with individual working-age adults who are in employment with or without direct experience of caring for family or friends.
  • We estimate a time commitment of between 30 minutes to 1 hour for testing the resource.
  • Please complete the resource by 31 October.

Next steps?
There are three sections of the resource that we would like you to test:

  • Baseline questions (to gather information on your current situation)
  • The Thinking Ahead resource
  • Immediate follow-up questions  (to find out what you thought of the resource and what you plan to do next)

To begin the resource:

Many thanks for your help with testing the Thinking Ahead resource. This is really appreciated. If you would like any further information about this please contact

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