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My trip to Alton Towers

14th August 2019

9th August - 11th August 2019

I was invited on a residential trip for 40 children and 9 adults to Alton Towers. This was my first time at Alton Towers. Before we left, I felt excited and kind of nervous for the rides.

We traveled there by a coach with our amazing driver who got us through tight spaces, so many times. It took us around 8 hours to get to where we were staying.

We stayed at Hamps Hall in Staffordshire. Activities we did here included: table tennis, foosball, x-box and two TVs with multiple couches and footstools.

I shared a room with 3 of my friends. We went to sleep quite late on the first night, then on the second night, we went to sleep at around 11.30pm. I was still able to function perfectly.

At Alton Towers, we were put in groups of braveness. I was in the middle group. My favourite rides were th13teen, nemesis and Galactica. On the rides, my friend and I didn’t let go of each other through fear (good fear). The longest time we had to wait for a ride was around 50 minutes.

On the way home, we stopped at a service station. Each of us got £5 to spend on food and drink. I was able to get something savoury, something sweet and a drink.

When we got home, I felt tired and as much as I enjoyed the trip, I liked being home. I liked being allowed to take my phone to keep in touch with my mum, it made me feel more relaxed when I was away.

Thank you YC Team!!

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