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Mary's Story

1st October 2015

I'm Mary and I support my husband Jim with his physical disability with cooking, cleaning, emotional support and personal care. I find it hard at times to motivate him as he feels down about his failing health as he used to be the main breadwinner, and this can cause strain between us as a couple.

Before PKAVS supported me I would constantly be in tears about my worries over my marriage and over my husbands wellbeing. PKAVS helped me to access relaxing therapies, which gives me time to myself and destresses me. They also referred me on to a counselling service to support me with my worries, which has helped my stress levels enormously and our marriage is much stronger as a result.

I know that if I need anything the the PKAVS Carers Hub staff are only a phone call away, and I think it is fantastic that they will meet me on a one-to-one basis to offer me support as a carer.

(names have been changed to protect the Carers identity)

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