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Practical Support

Adult Carer Support Plan:

Carers have various support needs and there is a duty from support services to offer you the opportunity to talk to someone and find out what your support needs are. This is called an ‘Adult Carer Support Plan’.

An adult’s carer’s support plan is for anyone who provides regular care for someone such as a partner, relative, friend or neighbour. You can have a support plan whether the person you support has had an assessment or not. Following the Carers Support Plan you will be given information and advice about any services or support that you may want to access, including:

  • Information about help for the person you are supporting
  • Respite opportunities for you, your family, and the supported person
  • Information on any benefits or financial aid you may be entitled to
  • Group support for yourself and/or supported person
  • Emotional support
  • Access to training i.e. moving and handling, coping with stress, anxiety, information on specific illnesses, dealing with loss

Find out how a support plan can help you by contacting the Carers Hub on 01738 567076 or use the Contact button at the top of the website. 

Self-directed Support:

If the person you care for receives support from health and social care services they can ask for Self- directed Support and choose how they want their support arranged. Local authorities can offer services to carers to and you can choose how you want these services arranged. The Self-directed Support options are:

Option 1 – Direct Payment

  • This is cash payments given to you so you can arrange support yourself and is intended to give the cared for more control over their support.

Option 2 – Individual Service Fund

  • This is where the council controls the fund but you decide where the money is spent in relation to your support needs.

Option 3 – Arranged Services

  • The Council will arrange the support on your behalf.

Option 4 – A combination of the above

  • A mix of all of the above to meet your needs.

A full list of local Self-Directed Support information and advice services is available online at

Making Sense of Self-Directed Support Modules:

This module will help you understand what Self-directed Support can mean for you as a carer and for any individual you support. Please follow the link:

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?