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Hospital Discharge

You have a right to be involved in the hospital discharge process of the person you are caring for or will be caring for. This is irrespective of whether the admission to hospital is planned or unplanned.

The health board must ensure that before the person you are caring for is discharged from the hospital, it takes appropriate steps to involve the carer(s) for that person. The health board must take appropriate steps to:

1)      inform you as soon as it can when the person you care for is to be discharged;

2)      invite your views about the discharge; and

3)      take your views into account when planning the discharges (as far as ‘reasonable and practical’).

The responsible health board is the health board in the area in which the hospital is. It does not matter if the person you are caring for does not live in the same area or will be discharged somewhere else.

Please note that the hospital’s duty to involve you as a carer only applies where the person is likely to require care from a carer after they have been discharged and where you and/or other carers can be identified without delay. To help make it easier for the relevant hospital to know who to contact should these circumstances ever arise, you can complete a discharge plan

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