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Ideas and Suggested Practical Steps for Teachers

Here is a list of suggested ideas for schools that may help support Young Carers:

Providing homework help

  • Flexibility or lunch time homework clubs can really help support young carers as they often do not get much time or support to do homework at home.

Identify young carers in planning, such as GIRFEC or Additional Support Plans

  • Being a young carer is an additional support need and the GIRFEC system should be used where ever possible to support young carers.

Ensuring detention does not clash with caring responsibilities

  • Young Carers may have caring responsibilities straight after school, where possible look to offer lunch time detention instead.

Flexibility with phones such as phones on silent or allowing a young person to call home at break times

  • For some young carers a call home may help to reduce any anxiety they feel about the welfare of the person they care for. This can reduce stress and improve attendance and concentration in class. 

Being understanding of their home situation

  • Teachers should listen to the childs perspective and be sensitive to their needs and home situation

Additional emotional support

  • Give young carers the opportunity to talk about issues and worries at their own pace with a teacher or adult in school that they feel comfortable with.

Having an appointed person within school for young carers and young carers staff to liase with

  • Having a young carers lead in school ensures young carers have a key person they can turn to and young carers staff have a key person they can liase with regarding young carers.

For further guidance on referrals please follow the link.

Guidance and Referrals

Caring through C'Jai's eyes

Caring through C'Jai's eyes

Carers Act Update

Carers Act Update

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What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?