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Guidance & Referrals

PKAVS Young Carers Hub offers referral guidance. This is a useful tool in helping to know if a referral to young carers would be appropriate and some signs that may help you identify young carers.

 Referral Guidance - sheet 2

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What happens once referral a has been made?

Once a referral has been completed a member of the Young Carers team will carry out an assessment to gain a better understanding of the young persons caring role and the impact this is having on them. Thereafter a decision will be made on what level of support will be offered. Levels include:


Usually, primary caregiver or is at crisis point due to having a very high caring role or because their caring role is having a detrimental impact on their overall wellbeing. Support includes:

  • Advocacy, Time limited 1-1 support, respite groups, residentials, holiday respite programme, family support/signposting and support with transport to/from groups.


Usually a secondary care giver who has a moderate to high caring role but is managing fairly well with their caring role most of the time. Support includes:

  • Advocacy, support to access other groups, respite groups, holiday respite activity programme, residential and family support/signposting.


Usually a secondary caregiver who has a low to moderate caring role and there are few to no negative impacts on their overall wellbeing. Levels of support includes:

  • Access to online support and telephone support, invitations to one off YC events and drop-in sessions.

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Last Modified: 10 July 2018

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