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When coming out of Hospital

When most people discharge from hospital it is usually simple and relatively straight forward. However for some older people and those with long-term and more complex conditions, it may be necessary to implement a discharge plan to ensure the right support is available once the person you support leaves hospital.

Discharge Planning:

Having a discharge plan in place can bring peace of mind to the carer and the cared for. By the time the cared for is ready to leave the hospital a clear plan should be in place and with permission both the carer and the cared for should know about the following:

  • The person's medical condition and what treatment and medication the cared for will require;
  • Support and services that have been put in place such as, equipment and adaptations to the home, home care services, any nursing care etc.

What should the discharge plan include:

  • The name of the hospital staff member who is responsible for checking discharge plan;
  • The arrangements of the cared for's assessment needs if appropriate;
  • Details of any support or services that will be set up once home and who is responsible for these;
  • Contact details for any community health services that may be involved i.e. social worker, GP
  • The person you support can ask for a copy of their discharge plan and so can the carer with the person's permission.

You may find the document below useful for more information and advice.

Looking after Someone

Hospital Link Worker

Marie Morris is funded through PKAVS and works as part of the Social Work Discharge Team in Perth Royal Infirmary.

Her main role is to identify carers within a hospital setting and offer information, support and advice to primarily prevent hospital re-admission and carers reaching crisis point. She is able to signpost carers to relevant support services when they leave hospital to ensure continued support.

For more information please contact Marie on:  - 01738 473484 or 07 873344836

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What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?

What is the difference between a Council and a PKAVS support plan?